Creating strategies and content that add value

Campaign: Oleo Sponge

The challenge

Scientists and engineers at a national laboratory invented a reusable foam for cleaning up oil spills. Inventors needed a qualified licensing partner to commercialize the technology. To attract potential leads, they had to get technology in front of the right audiences, have a clear and simple pitch ready to translate the complex science behind the technology quick and easy.

Our Solution

A large scale public relations campaign to promote awareness around the technology. The campaign included guest posting, pitching to targeted media outlets in oil and gas, and disseminating a media kit that enticed outlets to report on the technology.

Amazing Result

  • 100+ industry leads generated
  • Dozens of high-profile media placements, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Bloomberg

Campaign: Chain Reaction Innovations

The Challenge

Chain Reaction Innovations is program that helps early-stage technologies find the capital needed to create advance energy and manufacturing innovations. To draw awareness to the startups in the program, organizers arranged a conference whereby entrepreneurs would meet investors in the energy community and pitch their technologies directly to them. Participating startups, limited by the size of their teams, were in desperate need of communications that would make a strong and lasting impression on investors.

The Solution

Professional booths and along with infographics, factsheets and short videos were put on display during Demo Day. In less than a minute each video broke down how each technology could transform the world and served as powerful tools for engagement, catching visitors’ attention as soon as they entered the conference hall. Their professional quality also reflected positively on each brand, giving the startups a professional and trustworthy look and feel.

After attracting people to the booth with colorful video, the infographics on display complimented the video messaging by describing in more detail what the technologies do. Both pieces of content were intentionally and carefully crafted to align with the core messages in each company’s pitch. Defining and aligning messaging at every point of engagement helped the startups send a clear, consistent and powerful message to potential investors.

Amazing Result

  • Three out of the four start up raised in total over $5 million in seed capital.

Campaign: Cyber Defense Competition

The challenge

With just a tiny budget, the creators of a cyber defense competition had the challenge of building an entire competition from from the ground up, and convincing students to participate and companies to want to invest in it.

The Solution

A marketing & PR campaign was launched to attract universities and their students to the competition. The campaign included press releases and pitches to local media and cyber news outlets to drive awareness, the buildout of a new website, and cyber puzzles to entice students to participate. A social media campaign was also launched to amplify news of the event. We reached out to universities and other laboratories to cross-promote content and readily shared video interviews with students and photos taken throughout the day to highlight the positive experience students were having.

Amazing Result

  • The competition tripled in size in just two years, starting out with 9 teams and scaling up to over 30.
  • The event attracted major sponsors, including Microsoft, Cavalry, and Apex Systems
  • The event expanded from one laboratory to over 7 others, and has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Energy as its official national competition.