Content marketing puts a strategy behind the creation of content. That strategy plots out how the creation of content will drive consumer action.

Creating clear content is hard enough, but even harder is creating the strategy that goes behind it, one that is tailored to your business needs. That takes marketing skill and experience – that’s what I bring.

“Why do I need content marketing? I can just put write stuff about my business and put it on my website or social media myself?”

Yes you can absolutely can, and in fact I encourage you to try it out, then ask yourself this:

Is your content being viewed by the audience your targeting? 

Is driving the right kinds of visitors to your site? 

Is it getting them into your sales funnel?

If you answer no to one or more of these questions, that where a content marketing expert can add value.

Unlike those who create content randomly, content marketers design content around specific objectives -to promotes the right kind of activity around your business, whether that activity is email sign ups, sales, or conversations.

Ready to give your content the strategy it needs to help your business take off?

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